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About Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation
Established in 1800, Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation is an old hand at the production of karuta. We made it our mission to pass down to the modern times traditional Japanese pastimes such as karuta, which is represented by Ogura Hyakunin isshu, go, and shougi (Japanese chess game), and through these products to introduce traditional Japanese beauty, the Japanese mind, and Kyoto elegance.

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Ogura Hyakunin isshu
Ogura Hyakunin isshu refers to the hundred masterpiece poems which Fujiwara Teika selected while residing at his villa at Mt. Ogura from a body of poetry that had been transmitted since the classical ages through to Kamakura period. For centuries, aristocrats in Japan had a pastime called kaiooi, which they played with clamshells. Separately, in the 16th century a Portuguese ship brought carta (a Portuguese term for playing cards), from which came the Japanese game um sum carta, which is said to have led to the birth of Hyakunin isshu karuta as it is known now. In the Edo period, various people produced luxurious karuta. Among them, Ogata Kourin, an artist of the Genroku era (1688-1704), created the most outstanding work. About ten years ago the original version was discovered in Kyoto and revived under the title of Kourin Karuta. The cards portray courtiers of the Heian period (794-1185), which were painted in Kourin unique color scheme. Even the floor cards, which usually contain only the second half of the poems (waka), contain illustrations conveying the themes of the poems. These illustrations represent the unique Kourin style that attracts so many connoisseurs.

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