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Kourin Karuta
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Refers to the karuta produced by an Edo period artist named Ogata Kourin. It is said to be the most luxurious and magnificent work among the Ogura Haykunin isshu karuta that still exist. Recitation cards contain paintings of the poets and floor cards illustrations of natural objects that convey the themes of the poems. This set serves not only the game players, but those who simply want to appreciate Haykunin isshu.

光琳かるた 光琳かるたの完全復刻版
Hokkyou Kourin: "Hokkyou" is an abbreviation of "Hokkyou shounin," which is the highest Buddhist title bestowed upon artists. Kourin enjoyed being referred to by the title.

The Original Kourin Karuta (Reprint)(JPY: 132,000)

Both the recitation card and the floor card of Emperor Tenchi poem have Kourin autograph. The back side of each card is decorated by hand with Japanese paper, on which gold flakes are applied in a most sophisticated heating process. The cards come in a specially produced folding box, which is placed within a separate paulownia box. The set includes a manual bound in a traditional Japanese style.
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