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Since the Ministry of Education included Hyakunin isshu in its recommended teaching materials, it has been a frequent theme utilized in various events in elementary to high schools. We produce Hyakunin isshu cards, printed both in anomalous syllabary and typography, and CDs and cassette tapes of recitation of the poems. We are doing our best to meet new demands of the changing times.

Karuta in Cursive Hand (Comes in a choicest paulownia box)
This set is a size larger than the regular ones. Poems were printed in an easy-to-read cursive hand and the back of each card is decorated with Japanese paper. It includes a recitation CD by Yoshikawa Mitsukazu, a resident reciter of the All Japan Karuta Association and comes in a box of paulownia wood of the finest quality.

JPY 16,500

Karuta in Cursive Hand (Comes in a fine paulawnia box)
Gold and silver-flaked Japanese paper. This set comes in a paulownia box.

JPY 11,000

Karuta in Cursive Hand (Comes in a katsura box)
Large. The poems are printed in cursive hand on silver-flaked Japanese paper. A cassette tape is included. This set comes in a gift box of katsura wood.

JPY 8,800

Standard Recitation & Floor Cards
This is a set designed for use in competitions. It is currently used nationwide by karuta associations authorized by the All Japan Karuta Association.
A beginner is OK, too.

JPY 5,500 per set

Small size Karuta "KOMACHI"
One cards is mini-size of 37.5~52.0immjVery light. Very small.@I can play on the table!!

JPY 1,650en per set

Blank Cards
Both front and back are finished with Japanese paper so that you can enjoy the world of calligraphy with the theme of Hyakunin isshu. The front, especially, is decorated with gold-flaked torinoko paper.

JPY 5,500 for a set of fifty (single cards can be purchased separately)

The Tale of Genji Poem Karuta
This is an elegant set of cards, each with one poem from each of the fifty-five chapters of The Tale of Genji. Incense marks (Genji-kou) are printed to enable you to use the cards for incense ceremonies.

JPY 66,000

Hyakunin isshu Recitation CD-ROM and CD
This is an innovative Hyakunin isshu karuta software that you can enjoy on your computer. You can use this all-in-one edition to memorize or simply appreciate the poems, or even to practice for competitions.

CD-ROM JPY 4,180
CD JPY 1,650

Hyakunin isshu Recitation Cassette Tapes (included are all 100 poems)
We have a competition version and a regular version recited by Morishige Hisaya.

JPY 1,650 for the competition version
JPY 1,650 for Morishige Hisaya version
For inquiries regarding the products or orders, please contact us.
Kyoto Ohishi-Tengudo Corporation
Tel. 075-603-8688
Fax. 075-603-8677
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