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YKai-awase/ Table-Size Hand Looms
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Yukikane Kai-awase and Genji-illustrated Kai-awase

Yukikane's Kai-awase From 64,800en

Genji-illustrated Kai-awase From 41,040en
Kai-awase can be called the origin of poem karuta. In order to express the very elegance of the dynastic culture, we used clam shells produced in Japan and colored them with pure gold. This will make an ideal gift for a wedding or other joyous events. Mr. Yukikane began his research on and production of kai-awase in 1981. Since then, beginning with Kai-awase and Fifty Four Chapters of the Tale of Genji in 1988, he has continued to hold exhibitions at art galleries nationwide. Genji monogatari, Hyakunin isshu, Sanju rokkasen, and Ise monogatari are central to the theme of his work.

Table-size Plastic and Wooden Hand Looms and Large Wooden Weaving Looms.

Table-size Plastic Hand Loom


Table-size Wooden Hand Loom


Large Wooden Weaving Loom

With these looms, you can easily try weaving at home. A table-size loom can weave a piece about 30cm across, and the larger loom a little less than 60cm across.
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